Breaking newsSome action inside [miY]!

Breaking news! After 7 years of wonderfully accompanying dozens of couples in the organisation of their amazing wedding, Clementine aka Madame C & Nessa aka LLa Mariée aux Pieds Nus are each of them focusing on their new (many and crazy!) projects and pass the torch on to me!
Starting with 2017 season, I am becoming the new « mommy » of made in You! I am Julie, passionate about nice memories and precious moments. Full of energy, I leave nothing to chance and, so it seems, have a strong personality…
I dream of a fourth tattoo and to have my little boy discover the world from inside a van.
I like when your wedding looks like you, when you are true to yourself, to find out the small detail that your guests are not expecting, to share with you my sudden whim, to do some pastries, to eat cheese and to danse in my pyjamas in the morning.
I can’t wait to meet with you and to start working on your wedding preparation!